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Create a Professional Agreement for you


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We provide a FREE or PAID service,  the details of each service are listed below:


FREE Service – Landlord and Tenant have to reach a consensus of all terms with the other party, then pick the type of the property and follow the instructions to complete the form. Once completed, you will receive an Email with a finalized agreement for you to print. You may leave some fields blank until you confirm missing details and write this in by hand at the end.


PAID Service –Landlord and Tenant have to reach a consensus of all terms to the other party, then complete the form.  Once we have received the completed form, we will give you a call shortly, and arrange with all parties to process the Agreement. The service will charge HKD600 per agreement, which will include applying a Search Record of that premises (Fee is included), draft the contract with more detail if needed, and arrange for STAMP DUTY payment (Landlord and Tenant will equally bear the cost of the Stamp Duty).

We also provide Property Search and arrange Stamp Duty Service:


Property Search service is HKD300, the search document will be sent in PDF format VIA email.

Arrange Stamp Duty service is HKD300, but stamp duty charge is excluded.  Usually Landlord and Tenant bear half the of total Stamp Duty charge + Duplicate or counterpart(HKD5). Stamp Duty will be sent in PDF format VIA email.

We will only proceed the application after we had received the total cost and service charge.

About Stamp Duty application service​

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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