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Disclaimer Statement

If you or any other person completely or in part due to the negligence or other can't control accident to direct use of this website and cause a lawsuit, death or personal injury during the acquisition, incorporated, interpretation, reports or delivery of this website and any site content, this website has not undertaken any responsibility for related loss or damage.  In any case, this website is not liable for your and any others‘ any decision or action based on trust this website or our PAID or FREE Service.



General terms and conditions

All entries and use this website represent you accept this website's terms of service.  This website may not be used for any illegal purpose.  This website will also revise terms of service content from time to time, so please often reread the content of the terms of service when entering or use of this website.  Any use of this website or the website service people deemed to have accepted revised terms of service content once the latest revision of the term of service published.  You cannot use this website anytime if you don't accept the terms of service content.  This website expressly rejected you any revise and enlarge the provision or provision conflict to these terms of service content.  Any such provision has no effect.

You understand and agree that this website may at any time suspend website operation or change the site content and do not need to make any notice.  You also understand and agree that this website may at any time for any reason to suspend or limit your use of this website and do not have to make any notice.


Copyright and restrict the use

All services provided by this website, including, but not limited to the words, content, photos, video, sound, and pictures, are a property of this website, and also protected by copyright law and other intellectual property rights.  This website and all related services for your personal and non-commercial use only.  You agree, unless it is expressly permitted by this website, you cannot release, transfer, broadcast or through any transfer the service content provided by this website to any person, including but not limited to the same company or organization person.


Additional Terms of Law

This term of service, your rights and responsibilities, and any actions according to these terms of service are subject to the legislation of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (" Hong Kong "). This term of service just the same as a complete contract sign and performance in Hong Kong.  Even though any provision of this terms of service invalid or unenforceable under related law, other provision of this terms of service also continues to completely effective.  And the invalid or unenforceable provision will be replaced by the applicable provision which is the closest to the original provision intention.

Any rights not expressly prescribed in this term of service are all right reserved.  This term of service is the whole and final agreement of this website and this service and replace any agreements with your previous or at the same time with this website and this service.


Retention of Personal Data

Once the Company has obtained a User’s personal information and/or data, it will be maintained securely in the Company’s system. Subject to legal requirements, the derogatory information and/or data of Users will be retained by the Company until the User requests the Company in writing to erase his/her own personal information and/or data from the Company's database.

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