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Q : What kind of free service is HK Agreement providing?

A : We provide free service on Car Park Tenancy Agreement, Residential Tenancy Agreement and Residential Tenancy Agreement


Q : How are these Agreement works?

A : You pick the Tenancy Agreement you would like to prepare, after it had turned to another page, sometimes it might take few seconds for the form to be loaded.  Follow the instruction and fill out the form.  After you had submitted the form, you could download the file or you will receive the agreement in word format VIA email.  Print the agreement for 2 copy, both parties has to sign both of the agreements and then each party should keep one of the copy.


Q : Do I have to fill in all the information?

A : You don’t have to fill in all the field.  Once you had received the file, you could add more information or by hand written.


Q : Should I fill in my personal information?

A : In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you might not want to input any name and ID #, but after you received the contract from us, you could use a PDF editor or by hand written to add the name and ID #, nevertheless, all the information you had input would not be disclosed to any third part, and will be deleted in 2 weeks.


Q : Why I can’t receive the agreement after my submission?

A : Normally, you will receive the agreement right after you submit the form.  But sometimes due to the server busy, it might take up 30 minutes to receive the email.  If you have any question, you are always welcome to contact us.


Q : Could I make any change, add or delete of the terms?

A : All the terms from our Tenancy Agreements are always base on the agreements from the market, but you still could make the amendment, add or delete to any terms.  Please remember to initial at the front and rear of the terms you had been deleted or amended.


Q : Why there is no Fixed Period or Option Period in the agreement?

A : Fixed Period or Option Period are not legislative terms in Hong Kong, but instead, we use Break Clause to distinct the Fixed Period or Option Period.


Q : What is the different between Free Service and Paid Service

A : Free Service are everyone could access our Tenancy Agreement form and create the Tenancy Agreement for free.  Paid Service is we will help both parties to prepare Tenancy Agreement with more detail, such as taking pictures, property search, verify their ID, arrange the stamp duty and being a translator.  Please refer to our paid service for more information.

Q : Why the very last part of signature in my agreement always shift to the next page?

A : We could not control how many lines you enter on "Other appliances or furniture" and the "Others" section, therefore if you enter too many lines and the rest of the part will shift down or even next page.  Therefore, please always keep max 2-3 lines for these 2 section.


Q : Is HK Agreement offer any premises or car park space for rent or sale, or  refer any Landlord and Tenant?

A : No, HK Agreement is not not an agency, we do not provide anything mentioned above to any party.


Q : After each party had signed the agreement, is the agreement valid and protected by HK government?

A : The agreement is only valid after you had paid for the full amount of Stamp Duty.  Without the stamp duty, no protection from the government for both parties if there is any dispute.

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